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Out of the Past ~ ~

This was written by the 19th President of the Oregon Dental Assistants Association about our very first President, Harriet G. Hamann.


"I first met Harriet in the 50's when I started my career as a dental assistant.  She was there to meet me at the first Portland Dental Assistant Society meeting that I attended. She always made you feel welcome and was very helpful with every little detail.  I believe that she never missed a local meeting or a state meeting since she helped organize the first dental assistant meeting in 1940 with the dentists for the Pacific North West Dental Conference in Portland.  That meeting was the beginning of our State Dental Assistants Association.  She served as our first President and later held many offices for the Association.

Harriet was a life member of the PDAS, ODAA, and the ADAA.  She liked to be working with our meetings and often took part in the Installation Ceremony.  Harriet was a lifetime resident of Portland, working 40 years for an oral surgeon, Dr. Frank Mihnos, until her retirement in 1970.  We worked in the same building downtown Portland and I often called upon her to help or discuss matters when I was performing duties in the association.  We young girls, as she'd call us, that we were her children and we were to listen to little old auntie.

She was the center of attention at our Presidents banquet, always some what of a little clown, always cheerful and seeing that everyone was having a good time.  Harriet loved life.  After having to leave her apartment she resided in a lovely retirement home in SE Portland.  She was always doing some little things to make it more pleasant for everyone.  She loved the flowers and the trees and often walked around the yard, but best of all she liked to go to the shopping centers and we'd have a coke or we would laugh because it's now..non-alcoholic.  

She lived a good life up to a month before her heart started giving up, although she was like her old self and never complained about her condition.  I visited her regularly and I feel as you all do that we have lost a very dear friend.  She didn't wake up one morning two days before her 93rd birthday, April 28th, but I know that she is hearing us from on the top of Mt. Hood where she requested that her ashes be dropped.  We miss you, Harriet ~ rest in peace....."

As your present President, I can truly say it was a real pleasure to have known this lovely lady.  As April is quickly approaching as well as our state meeting, I hope you will give our Harriet a thought of thanks.

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