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Helpful tip of the month - July: Hygiene while Camping from Kym Goodell

02 Jul 2015 4:44 PM | Anonymous

A few simple steps to help you stay more hygienic while camping:

1.       Don’t bring deodorant, it brings out the bugs and other wildlife.  Just use soap and water or hand sanitizer.

2.       Use hand sanitizer each time you go to the bathroom and before cooking and eating meals.

3.       Cleaning your whole body:

a.       Jump in the lake, using a biodegradable soap making sure you are far away from other people using the water.

b.      A trail shower by stripping down and using biodegradable soap and a wash cloth with several liters of water

c.       If it’s too cold for the above a sponge bath getting the important parts groin, armpits, and inner thighs.

No matter which of the above you use, make sure you towel yourself completely dry.  I have a microfiber towel that works wonderfully.

4.        Why biodegradable soap?   So you don’t promote algae in the lakes and streams.  Remain 200 feet from the water is the best practice, your footprint counts.  Leave No Trace. 

5.       When to change your clothes?  You should change them when they are damp and let them hang to dry, or at least before you crawl into bed at night.  Rotate your clothing so you always have one set drying if you are the rugged hiker style doing light packing for a longer hike, but pack a clean pair of socks for every day. 

6.       What should a toiletry kit contain?

a.       Toothbrush

b.      Floss

c.       Toothpaste

d.      Alcohol gel-based hand sanitizer

e.      Cotton bandana or wash cloth

f.        Moist towelettes or baby wipes

g.       Biodegradable soap

h.      Absorbent pack towel ( I love my microfiber towel)

i.         Toilet paper in its own plastic bag

I found this article on www.backpacker.com  lots of helpful hints and tools there.

 by Kym Goodell

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