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April Tip of the Month

01 Apr 2016 9:00 AM | Anonymous

Being a dental assistant for many years, I remember way back when..... we would attend monthly meetings for the education program and then the chit-chatting would begin. We all learned more from the networking! Meeting, discussing, learning and making wonderful friendships!

That is the start of the story here are a couple of hints for Now...

  1. Try to gather with other professionals.
  2. Discuss the two new products in your office or the new program for the computer.
  3. Share something that you're doing in your practice that is working.
  4. Go on line and look up The Dale Foundation for new education. ADAA also has courses available. Get your hours for your CDA renewal, do it early!
  5. Google Helpful Hints. See what other offices are offering their patients. I just did and I'm surprised with the info from teeth brushing, calcium intake, sleep length, daily dose of vitamins of C and D and lots more.
  6. See what others are doing and learn from that.
  7. Offer something new to post for your patients that will make a difference.
  8. Share with us, ODAA, your ideas and what you did!



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