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ADAA Fellowship & Mastership Programs

The ADAA offers a program developed to recognize those members who have achieved outstanding educational levels in their profession. The program offers two levels of recognition, Fellow and Master, based on educational hours obtained and continuous years of membership in the ADAA.

In order to become a Fellow of the ADAA, one must have been a member for 3 continuous years and
accrue 300 hours of continuing education credit. Those holding the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), Certified Orthodontic Assistant, (COA), or Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Assistant (COMSA) are eligible for course credit of 150 hours of the 300 hour Fellowship requirement. Those certified as a Certified Dental Practice Management Assistant (CDPMA) are eligible for course credit of 100 hours. RDA's (Registered Dental Assistant) from California, Michigan and Minnesota may receive 150 hours. An assistant may receive credit for either certification or registration, but not both. Course sponsors must be approved by Dental Assisting National Board, Academy of General Dentistry's National Sponsor Approval Program (NSAP)or ADA's sponsor approval program (CERP). 12 hours must be obtained through ADAA homestudy courses.

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